Online Documentation for SQL Manager for PostgreSQL

Install/Update Extensions

On Install/Update of the extension the following dialog is open.





Extension name is a name of the extension to install.


Version to install

CheckBox Default version - default version of the extension wil be installed


Version name - if you need another version of this extension select it from the drop down list. The Default version options is supposed to be unchecked.


Need superuser to install


Relocatable to other schema


Required schema - name of the schema that the extension must be installed into.


Prerequisite extensions - names of prerequisite extensions.


Schema to install objects to

CheckBox Default schema for current user. This option is available when you are installing the extension.

CheckBox Move objects to another schema. This option is available when you are updating the extension.


Schema name

To install the extension to schema different from the default user scheme select it from this drop down list.