Online Documentation for SQL Manager for PostgreSQL

Specifying destination database

Use this step of the wizard to set the destination database for copying objects to. If the database is already registered (i.e. RadioButton Registered database was selected at the previous step), then you just need to select a host and a database that resides on this host. Otherwise you should set all the connection properties using the corresponding boxes and options: Host name, Port, User name, Password, Database name.


Copy Database Wizard - Specifying destination database



Specify the host where the destination database resides: type in the host name in the Host name field or select one in the drop-down list.

Enter PostgreSQL port to connect through in the Port field and provide authorization settings: User name and Password.



Type in the name of the database to copy objects into.


If necessary, check the CheckBox Create new database option to create a new database for copying objects.


Check the CheckBox Register destination database after execution option to register the newly created database in SQL Manager (the Database Registration Info dialog will be opened after database creation).



Click the Next button to proceed to the Selecting components to copy step of the wizard.