Online Documentation for SQL Manager for PostgreSQL

Comparing object versions

You can view differences between two object versions.


Change Management - Object History - Revisions



Select two object revisions you need to compare. Right-click any of the objects to call the context menu and select the Compare Properties or Compare Scripts item to view differences as table of properties or as object script respectively.


The window displaying progress of the operation will appear. Close it to view the results of the operation.



Change Management - Object History - Comparing progress



Check the CheckBox Close after finish flag if you need the results window appear once the operation is finished.


Viewing properties comparison results:


Change Management - Object History - Comapring Properties



Window contains table where you can see all object properties and its value in compared revisions. Properties with different values are highlighted with grey.


Viewing script comparison results:


Change Management - Object History - Comapring Scripts



Window contains DDL of objects revisions. Extra lines in an early revision script are red, in latter revision - grey. Lines for pasting absent lines are yellow and different lines are blue.

Use the toolbar buttons to move cursor to btnMoveItemUp Previous difference or to btnMoveItemDown Next one, to btnFindText Find word or statement or to btnSearchAgain Find next one.