Online Documentation for SQL Manager for PostgreSQL

Creating label/tag

Creating of label or tag is necessary for marking current database state.


Use the RadioButton Create label option if you are not planning to make changes to the released database version.

Use the RadioButton Create tag option if not all the changes were applied and it is planned to get change script with further changes.


Release New Version - Create a label or a tag



RadioButton Don't create

Use this option to skip label/tag creation.


Label/Tag name

Specifies name for created tag or label.


CheckBox Move label/tag if it already exists

Enable the option to move the existing object with the new one if their names coincide.


Depending on the option selected the you will proceed to different steps:

For Create label selected - the next step will be Specifying label options;

For Create tag selected - the next step will be Performing label creation;

For Don't create selected - the next step will be Generating change script.