Online Documentation for SQL Manager for PostgreSQL

Generating change script

Use this step to define change script creation parameters.


Release New Version - Generate change script



RadioButton Generate new script file

For the new script you need to define its location and file name. Use the corresponding field for this purpose.

You also need to select File charset from the drop-down list.


CheckBox Add script to version control repository

Enable the option to add created script to the database VCS repository. The option can be enabled only if specified script file location is the same as the local repository folder directory where shared scripts are stored.


RadioButton Append latest changes to existing script file

Use this mode if change script has been already generated by the Release New Version of Database Wizard, but then changes were added to the released database. It is supposed that label have been created after previous script generation.

Script file name

Select existing script file within this field. Use the btnSaveAs Save As button to open dialog window to ease file selecting.

Get latest changes from

Select tag or label from this drop-down list. Only latest changes will be added to the script selected in the Script file name field. In this case the Previous version selected at the first step will be used only for providing information concerned test database, but not for script generation.


If the RadioButton Generate new script file mode is selected, the next step will be Selecting method of script generation.


Otherwise the wizard will proceed with the Specifying test database location step.