Online Documentation for SQL Manager for PostgreSQL

Release new version of database

Release new database wizard provides automatic performing of all necessary operations that required for new database release.

It allows you to get script with database changes from previous state to current one and to test it on the previous database state.

The wizard consists of the following operations:

1. VCS repository is checked to define whether it contains the exact description of current database state (similar to the Check repository wizard).

2. Actual position of the database in VCS repository is labeled/tagged. This provides possibility to get script with the additional changes made after this point if such changes appear.

3. The script containing changes from previous database state to current is generated.

4. Test database is created from previous state label/tag. Change script is tested on this database. Then the result database is compared to current version.


To launch this wizard use the Change Management | Release New Version of Database item of the host or database context menu.

You can also use the Tools | Change management | Release New Version of Database item of the main menu.






Full version (for Windows)


Lite version (for Windows)


Note: To compare all features of the Full and the Lite versions of SQL Manager, refer to the Feature Matrix page.