Online Documentation for SQL Manager for PostgreSQL

Selecting operation

In this step you need to select type of the operation to be performed.


Create Branch-Label-Tag - Select operation



RadioButton Create branch

Use this option to create a branch.

If needed you can create branch CheckBox From existing label. Enable the appropriate option and select a label from the drop-down list for  the purpose.


RadioButton Create label

Use this option to create a label.


RadioButton Create tag

Select the option to create a tag.


RadioButton Create database from label

This option allows you to create a database from label. Select a label from the corresponding drop-down list.


Branch / Label / Tag name

Defines the name of the created object.


CheckBox Move tag/label if it already exists

Enable the option to move the existing object with the new one if their names coincide.


Click the Next button to proceed to the Setting created object options.


If a tag is created then clicking the Next button will move you to the last step.