Online Documentation for SQL Manager for PostgreSQL

Local Scripts

Local scripts are stored locally and can be easily accessed from the DB Explorer.


To create new local script right-click the appropriate branch in the DB Explorer tree and select the iconNewScript New Script item. You will be asked for the script name. When the name is assigned the script appears in the DB Explorer tree.

If a script is created in Execute Script editor and saved to the default folder, it will appear in the DB Explorer tree as local one.



Local Script - Setting script name


It is also possible to create subfolders in the Local scripts branch. Folders created there are created physically as subfolders to the folder assigned as default for local scripts in the DB Registration info | Directories.


To change directory where local scripts to be stored use the Select Directory item of the Local Scripts context menu, or use the respective field of the DB Registration info | Directories dialog. If specified folder already contained scripts, these scripts will be added to the DBExplorer tree.


Script is opened in the Execute Script where it can be edited or performed. You can also save local script as the shared one.