Online Documentation for SQL Manager for PostgreSQL

Browsing debug information

Use tabs at the bottom of the debugger window to view miscellaneous debug information.



Parameters and Variables

This tab displays the list of input and output parameters and variables (distinguished by respective icons) with their values and types.


Function debugger - Debug info - Parameters and variables



Double-click an item in the list to call the Modify variable dialog allowing you to set the parameter/variable type and value.


Function debugger - Debug info - Parameters and variables - Modify variable



Variable Type

Select the data type to be applied to the variable being edited:

RadioButton Numeric

RadioButton String

RadioButton Boolean

RadioButton Date and Time


Use the Value box below to specify a value for the variable, or select the CheckBox Null option. The control varies according to the selected data type. For your convenience the Calculator and Date editor are implemented for Numeric and Date and Time types respectively: click the arrow-down button to call the Calculator / Date editor popup window.




This tab displays the function execution results.


Function debugger - Debug info - Results



Last Statement

This tab displays the last executed statement, the statement execution plan and the execution time.


Function debugger - Debug info - Last statement




This tab displays the function breakpoints: the breakpoint line, statement and the number of its passes.


Function debugger - Debug info - Breakpoints




This tab displays various Debugger messages and errors (if any).


Function debugger - Debug info - Messages