Online Documentation for SQL Manager for PostgreSQL

SSH tunneling options

The SSH Tunneling section of the Database Registration Info dialog allows you to enable/disable SSH tunneling for connection to the database and set all the necessary SSH tunneling parameters.


CheckBox Connect through the Secure Shell (SSH) tunnel

Select this option to establish connection to an intermediate SSH server and forward all PostgreSQL commands through the secure tunnel.


Specify SSH Host name, SSH port, SSH user name, SSH password, the path to the SSH key file (if necessary) in the corresponding boxes.


See SSH connection properties for details.


Note: PostgreSQL host name on the Connection page should be set relatively to the SSH server in this case. For example, if both PostgreSQL and SSH servers are located on the same computer, you should specify localhost as Host name instead of the server's external host name or IP address.


Database Registration Info - Setting SSH tunnel options


Please note that either SSH tunneling, or HTTP tunneling can be used for one connection, but not both types simultaneously.