Online Documentation for SQL Manager for PostgreSQL

Setting advanced database properties

This step of the wizard allows you to set advanced database properties for the new database.


Create Database Wizard - Setting advanced database properties




Specify an alternate file system location in which the new database should be saved, specified as a literal string (for PostgreSQL 7.4 or lower).



Use the drop-down list to select one of the existing databases on the host to indicate as a template for the database you create. Note that if you specified the template, your new database will contain all the data from the selected template.



This option allows you to use multibyte encoding method in the new database. Use the drop-down list to select the required encoding value.



Use the drop-down list to select the name of the database user who will own the new database (for PostgreSQL 7.3 or higher). If no user is defined, then the currently connected user is used by default.


Default Tablespace

Use the drop-down list to set the default tablespace for objects of the database being created (for PostgreSQL 8.0 or higher).


Connection Limit

Specify the time limit (in milliseconds, use -1 for unlimited) for connecting to the new database (for PostgreSQL 8.1 or higher).



When you are done, click the Next button to view the result SQL statement.