Online Documentation for SQL Manager for PostgreSQL

Set data filter

Quick Filtering (by the current value in a cell)

Open the context menu of the needed column and choose the Quick Filter item. Then choose a filter condition in the opened submenu.



Filtering by Column


HowTo - Grid View - Quick Filter



Open the drop-down list on the column title and choose a filter condition from the list.

You can set advanced conditions by using the Custom... menu item.

When choosing this item, the special window for setting filter conditions opens.


Advanced Filtering

You can set advanced filter options by pressing the button btnSetFilter on the toolbar of the Data View and set filter parameters in the Filter Builder. Apply the set conditions by pressing the Apply button.


If a filter is set for a table, the special bar appears in the lower part of the table where you can see filter conditions and the history of filter changes opened by pressing the drop-down list.


Data View - Grid View - Filtering records - Filtering panel



Disable Filtering

To cancel filtering, open the context menu of the column and choose the Disable filter item.

Or press the btnClose button on the filter toolbar.