Online Documentation for SQL Manager for PostgreSQL

Find objects

In order to search for objects you need you can:

  1. Call the Find Object dialog by right-clicking the Database alias, any database object group nodes or objects in the DB Explorer tree and select the Find Object... context menu item.
  2. Call the Find Object dialog by using the Ctrl+F shortcut.
  3. Type in the first letters in the edit-box of the Search Panel, and the corresponding object will be highlighted in the tree.

Note: Objects among which the search is performed should be updated and the object node should be expanded.

  1. Launch the Search in Metadata tool by selecting the Tools | iconSearchInMetadata Search in Metadata main menu item, or using the Ctrl+Alt+F shortcut. After the search is complete, the Explorer group on the Navigation bar displays the tree of database objects in which the search string is found, and allows you to view metadata of the required object or its fragment.