Online Documentation for SQL Manager for PostgreSQL

Localization Editor

The Localization Editor window allows you to edit the captions and hints of any SQL Manager window, if the selected program language is different from the default one.


To call this window, use the Shift+Ctrl+L shortcut in any child window of SQL Manager for PostgreSQL.


The working area of the window contains the element names and the corresponding strings divided by the "=" character. These strings are what you see in the program as menu items, window captions, button hints, etc. Edit them to change the program appearance. Be careful and do not edit the identifiers that stand before the "=" character - this will not produce any effect.


For your convenience the Find and Replace features are provided - the corresponding btnFindText and btnReplaceText toolbar buttons are used to call the Find Text dialog or the Replace Text dialog respectively. The Search Again btnSearchAgain button enables the repeated search for the text that was last searched.


Localization - Localization Editor


When you are done with editing, click the btnSave Save button on the toolbar to apply the changes you have made.