Online Documentation for SQL Manager for PostgreSQL

Spell Checking

Spell checking is a new feature implemented in SQL Manager for PostgreSQL for your convenience.


Set the necessary Spell checker mode:


RadioButton Highlighting

In this mode incorrectly spelled and misprinted words are highlighted in the editor.


RadioButton Autocorrection

In this mode incorrectly spelled and misprinted words are replaced with the corresponding words from the Substitutions list automatically.


RadioButton None

In this mode the spelling checker is disabled.


Use the Add... button to add a new item to the Substitutions list, the Edit... button to alter the selected substitution, and the Delete button to remove the selected substitution from the spelling checker vocabulary.


Editor Options - Spell Checking


Case sensitivity

CheckBox Support case consistency with substitution

If this option is selected, the spelling checker uses the case of words-substitutions when performing a replacement.


CheckBox Ignore case while spell checking

Check this option to disable case checking.


CheckBox Keep the misprint case when replacing

Check this option if you do not wish to change the case of the replaced word.



Controls of this group allow you to manage the spelling checker vocabulary: use the Add... button to add a new misprint to the vocabulary, the Auto button to use the default list of misprints, the Edit... button to change the selected misprint, the Delete button to remove the selected misprint from the vocabulary, and the Clear button to empty the list of misprints for the currently selected substitution.


It is also possible to exclude a misprint from spell checking without deleting the misprint. This misprint will therefore remain in the vocabulary, but it will be ignored by the spelling checker.

To mark a misprint as excluded, you need to move it from the Check list to the Ignore list. Use the Move all to Selected Move to Selected Move to Available Move all to Available buttons or drag-and-drop operations to move the misprints from one list to another.