Online Documentation for Data Generator for PostgreSQL

INTERVAL field parameters

Interval type belongs to the date/time group of PostgreSQL data types and stores time intervals. This data type is useful for representing difference between two datetime values. You can generate values for this field randomly or choose to take them from an existing table field of the same data type.


The Generation properties panel allows you to define preferences for generating values for Interval field type.


Interval field parameters



Select Data generation mode as follows:


RadioButton Generate random data

Set the minimum and the maximum field values in the appropriate spin editors. If Min Day value equals Max Day value then use the Hours, Minutes and Seconds fields to set the upper bound of a time interval (the lower bound defaults to '00:00:00').


Interval field parameters - Mode - Random data



RadioButton Get data from Field

This option allows you to specify a field to generate data from: use the Table and Field drop-down lists to select the source table and field that will be used to take data for generation.


Interval field parameters - Mode - Field