Online Documentation for SQL Manager for Oracle

Verifying current DB settings

This step of the wizard allows you to verify the current database settings for the selected User-managed script backup strategy.


Restore Database - User-managed script - Verifying current DB options


Backup logname

Check the path and name of the log file or use the ExplorerButton Explorer button to specify the path to this file on your local machine or on a machine in the LAN.


Database name

View/edit the name of the database to restore.


Instance name

View/edit the name of the Oracle instance where the database resides.


Server version

View/edit the version of the server.


Oracle home

Specify the Oracle Home storage.


Archivelog destination

View/edit the path to the archivelog.


Controlfile name

View/edit the name of the controlfile.


Controlfile destination

View/edit the path to the controlfile.


CheckBox Restore from online backup

If this option is selected, the previously created online backup will be used to restore the database.


CheckBox Enforce shutdown of the instance

Select this option to add the command to shutdown the server to the result script.


Click the Next button to proceed to the Selecting datafiles step of the wizard.