Online Documentation for SQL Manager for Oracle

Using Diagram Navigator and DB Objects pane

To navigate within the large diagram, use the Navigator tool available on the Navigation bar. It allows you to see the whole diagram in a reduced scale and to perform a number of operations over the diagram objects.


VDBD - Diagram navigator


A mouse click in the Navigator area sets the center of the visible diagram area. The area currently visible in the main diagram area is outlined in a red bounding rectangle.


Using the Navigator you can work with the diagram objects in the same way as in the main diagram area: add/remove, create new objects, move objects within the diagram and perform other operations.



The Database Objects pane available on the Navigation bar allows you to browse the list of available database objects that can be added to the diagram.


VDBD - Database Objects pane


Select and drag an object to the diagram area or double-click it to add the object to the diagram.


Right-click an item within the list to call the context menu allowing you to:

iconFindText find the selected object in the diagram (if the object is found, it will be highlighted in the diagram area);

iconPlus add new objects to the diagram by Reverse engineering;

Tick toggle objects representation mode: as a tree / as a list;

Tick select the sorting mode applied to the objects in the list: by schema, name / by type, schema, name / by name, schema / by type, name, schema;

iconRefresh refresh the list.