Online Documentation for SQL Manager for Oracle

XML Datapacket

Set correspondence between the source XML columns and the target Oracle table fields:

  • select a field of the target Oracle table in the Destination Fields list;
  • select the corresponding column of the source XML table in the Source Fields list;
  • click the iconPlus Add button to set correspondence between the selected fields;
  • the pair of fields appears in the list below;
  • repeat the operation for all the fields you need to be included in the import process.


Use the iconAutoFillColumns Auto Fill button to set correspondence between the source and target fields automatically on the basis of their order.


Import Data - Setting fields correspondence - XML


To remove a correspondence, select the pair of fields in the list below and press the iconMinus Remove button.

To remove all correspondences, press the iconCross Clear button.



Click the Next button to proceed to the Adjusting data formats step of the wizard.