Online Documentation for SQL Manager for Oracle

Creating/Editing window

Use the Scheduler Window tab of Scheduler Window Editor to create/edit a scheduler window and specify its properties.



Displays the name of the scheduler window being created or edited.


Scheduler Window Editor - Editing scheduler window definition


Resource plan

Select the resource plan that is automatically activated when the window opens.



Specified schedule will be associated with the window.



This field indicates how long the window will be open for.


Window priority

This attribute is only relevant when two windows overlap. Because only one window can be in effect at one time, the window priority will be used to determine which window will be opened.


Start date

Use this field to specify the first date on which this window is scheduled to open.


End date

At this field you should specify the date after which the window will no longer open.


Repeat interval

Define the frequency of window repetition. The value should be expressed using the Scheduler's calendaring syntax.


CheckBox Enabled

This option indicates whether the window group is created enabled or not.


CheckBox Active

Use this option to open a window immediately independent of its schedule. This window will open and the resource plan associated with it, will take effect immediately for the duration specified or for the normal duration of the window if no duration is given. Only an enabled window can be manually opened.


You can find the detailed window log at the Schedule Window Logs tab.


Scheduler Window Editor - Editing scheduler window definition - Scheduler Window Log


To compile the object, use the corresponding iconCompile Compile item of the Navigation bar or toolbar.