Online Documentation for SQL Manager for Oracle

Creating/Editing scheduler job class

Use the Scheduler Job Class tab of Scheduler Job Class Editor to create/edit a scheduler job class and specify its properties.



Displays the name of the scheduler job class being created or edited.


Scheduler Job Class Editor - Editing scheduler job class definition


Consumer group

Specify the resource consumer group this class is associated with.



Define the database service that the jobs in this class will have affinity to.


Logging level

This attribute specifies how much information is logged.

Off - No logging will be performed for any jobs in this class.

Runs - The Scheduler will write detailed information to the job log for all runs of each job in this class.

Full - In addition to recording every run of a job, the Scheduler will record all operations performed on all jobs in this class. In other words, every time a job is created, enabled, disabled, altered, and so on will be recorded in the log.


Log history

Use this field to specify how much history (in days) to keep.


To compile the object, use the corresponding iconCompile Compile item of the Navigation bar or toolbar.