Online Documentation for SQL Manager for Oracle

Adding Subscribers

This tab allows you to define subscribers.


Queue Editor - Subscribers


Table contains the list of persons who will receive queue messages.


To create a subscriber use the iconPlus Add subscriber item of the context menu.


Queue Editor - Subscribers - Add subscriber



Defines subscriber's name.



Protocol-specific address of the recipient. If the protocol is 0, then the address is of the form [schema.]queue[@dblink]. For example, a queue named emp_messages in the HR queue at the site has the address:



Protocol to interpret the address and propagate the message. Protocols 1-127 are reserved for internal use. If the protocol number is in the range 128 - 255, the address of the recipient is not interpreted by Oracle Streams AQ.


Transformation name

Specifies a transformation that will be applied when this subscriber dequeues the message. The source type of the transformation must match the type of the queue. If the subscriber is remote, then the transformation is applied before propagation to the remote queue.



A conditional expression based on the message properties, the message data properties and PL/SQL functions. A rule is specified as a Boolean expression using syntax similar to the WHERE clause of a SQL query.


It is possible to iconCommit Edit and iconMinus Delete subscribers. Select the needed subscriber and use the corresponding context menu item.