Online Documentation for SQL Manager for Oracle

Creating/editing queue

Use the Queue tab of Queue Editor to create/edit a queue and specify its properties.



Name of the queue that is to be created.



Use the drop-down list to specify the schema in which the queue will be created.


Queue Editor - Editing Queue definition



Queue table name

Name of the queue table that will contain the queue.


Queue type

Use this drop-down list to define queue type: normal queue, exception queue or non-persistent queue.


Max retries

Limits the number of times a dequeue with the REMOVE mode can be attempted on a message.


Retry delay

Delay time, in seconds, before this message is scheduled for processing again after an application rollback.


Retention time

Number of seconds for which a message is retained in the queue table after being dequeued from the queue.


CheckBox Enqueue enabled

Check the option to enable enqueue operations with this queue.


CheckBox Dequeue enabled

Check the option to enable dequeue operations with this queue.