Online Documentation for SQL Manager for Oracle

Creating/editing database link

Use the Database Link tab of Database Link Editor to create/edit a database link and specify its properties.



Displays the unique name to be used across the database to represent the DB link.


Database Link Editor - Editing Database Link definition


CheckBox Public DB link

Use this option to create a public database link available to all users.


CheckBox Shared DB link

Select the option to use a single network connection to create a public database link that can be shared among multiple users.



Use this option to create a current user database link.

The current user must be a global user with a valid account on the remote database. If the database link is used directly, i.e. not from within a stored object, the current user is the same as the connected user.


Remote database connection

This group allows you to specify connection parameters for the remote database.


User name / Password

Specify the username and password used to connect to the remote database.


Remote database

Specify the service name of a remote database.



Authenticated by

Parameters of this group authenticate the user to the remote server and are required for security.


Schema / Password

Specify the username and password on the target instance.

The specified username and password must be a valid username and password on the remote instance. The username and password are used only for authentication.


To compile the object, use the corresponding iconCompile Compile item of the Navigation bar or toolbar.