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In an iconObjects_Table_Index-organized index-organized table, the data rows are held in an index defined on the primary key for the table. Oracle Database maintains the table rows, both primary key column values and non-key column values, in an index built on the primary key. Index-organized tables are therefore best suited for primary key-based access and manipulation.


Table properties - Index-organized


The following type-specific properties can be set for Index-organized tables:


Index name

Use the edit box to specify the name of the index for this table.


PCT threshold

Specify the percentage of space reserved in the index block for an index-organized table row, or select DEFAULT from the drop-down list.

This value must be large enough to hold the primary key. All trailing columns of a row, starting with the column that causes the specified threshold to be exceeded, are stored in the overflow segment.


CheckBox Partitioning

Select this option to create a partitioned table.


IOT Primary Constraint

This group allows you to specify a primary key column for the index-organized table, since the primary key uniquely identifies a row.

To select a column, you need to move it from the Available list to the Selected list. Use the Move all to Selected Move to Selected Move to Available Move all to Available buttons or drag-and-drop operations to move the columns from one list to another.