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Data options

The Data Options section allows you to define options for data view. These options will be applied only to this database. Default settings for newly registered databases can be defined on the Grid|Data Options page of the Environment Options dialog.



CheckBox Use separate connection for each data view within a database

Select this option to use a separate connection for each data view within a database. Disabling this option is recommended if maximum allowed number of connections is too low.


CheckBox Asynchronous query execution

Check this option to allow executing queries in background mode (asynchronously). Note that this option is only available when the Use separate connections for each data view within a database option is enabled.


CheckBox Timeout for query execution

Define time limit for query execution (ms). If query execution takes longer time than specified, than the operation will be aborted. Specify '-1' for unlimited timeout.


CheckBox Timestamp as string

Display Timestamp type as strings.

Also you can set Timestamp and Timestamp with time zone formats in the appropriate fields.


CheckBox Perform data filtration on client in data view

If enabled, data are filtered by SQL Manager for Oracle (on the client side).

If disabled, SQL filter is used in data view. In this case filtering is performed on the Oracle server with the help of the WHERE clause used in SQL query.

Database Registration Info - Setting data options

Default grid mode

These options allow you to define the grid mode for data which will be used by default. It can be changes individually for each table from the context menu of the grid.


RadioButton Load visible records

The grid loads only a fixed number of dataset records into memory. This option minimizes dataset loading time. Automatic sorting, filtering, summary calculations are not supported in this mode.


RadioButton Load all records

The grid loads all records from a dataset. This option increases the grid performance by reloading only changed dataset records when updating. In this mode all features (automatic sorting, filtering and summary calculations) are available.


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