Online Documentation for SQL Manager for Oracle


The Options section of the Database Registration Info dialog allows you to set various options for the database.

Database Registration Info - Setting common database options

Customize common database options according to your needs. The detailed description is given below.


CheckBox Login prompt before connection

Enables SQL Manager for Oracle to prompt for user name and password each time you connect to the database.


CheckBox Autoconnect at startup

Check this option to specify that SQL Manager for Oracle automatically establishes connection to the registered database at application startup.


CheckBox Refresh objects on connection

This option allows you to enable/disable refreshing objects on connection to the database. It is highly recommended to uncheck this option if your database contains many objects or if connection to the database is slow.


CheckBox Enable trace

Creates a trace log file at the client side which allows you to view statistics data on sessions, connections, etc.


CheckBox Auto commit

When checked, transactions are committed automatically.


CheckBox Hide empty schemas

This option allows you to specify whether schemas containing no objects will be displayed in the DB Explorer tree.


CheckBox Convert created objects' names to upper case

Enable this option if you need to convert the names of all newly created objects to the upper case automatically.


CheckBox Show storage parameters

With this option enabled storage parameters for objects are displayed in DDL.


Decimal separator

Define the separator which will be used for floating point type values. Possible separators are: dot ("."), comma (",").


CheckBox Schema restriction

This option allows you to hide schemas and disable refreshing their objects. Select the schemas for displaying in DB Explorer. Note that the current and PUBLIC schemas are allowed by default and cannot be restricted.