Online Documentation for SQL Manager for Oracle

Working with windows

The Windows Toolbar of SQL Manager allows you to switch between child windows easily, like in Windows Task Bar.


To activate the window you need, simply click one of the window buttons. To perform some additional actions with the window, right-click its tab and select the corresponding menu item from the popup menu.


Getting started - Switching windows


If you have multiple windows opened, you can also switch between them using the Ctrl+Tab shortcut.


The Number of open editors is restricted option available in the Environment Options options dialog allows you to set the maximum number of editors that may be opened simultaneously. When the number of editors exceeds the specified value, the previously opened editors will be closed automatically.


The Windows menu facilitates your work with SQL Manager windows.




The Windows menu allows you to:

  • view the Windows List within the corresponding tab of DB Explorer;
  • set all current windows cascade:


Getting started - Windows - Cascade


  • minimize all windows;
  • restore all windows;
  • tile all current windows horizontally:


Getting started - Windows - Tile Horizontal


  • tile all current windows vertically:


Getting started - Windows - Tile Vertical


  • set defaults to all windows;
  • reset all toolbars and menus;
  • close all windows;
  • close all database windows (closes all windows owned by the database selected in the windows list);
  • close all editors of the specified object type (can be selected from the submenu);
  • switch to the previous window;
  • switch to the next window;
  • activate one of currently opened windows.