Online Documentation for SQL Manager for Oracle

Database context menu

The context menu of a registered database in the DB Explorer tree allows you to:

  • connect to the selected database (if connection to the database is not active yet);
  • disconnect from the selected database (if connection to the database has been already activated);
  • access database tools available in the Tasks submenu;
  • drop the selected database;
  • register a new database using Register Database Wizard;
  • unregister the selected database;
  • unregister the database group to which the database belongs;
  • view/edit the selected database registration information within the Database Registration Info dialog;
  • edit local naming parameters using TNS Editor;
  • configure representation of DB Groups and databases in Database Explorer;
  • refresh the selected database;
  • create a new tab for the selected database to access it through this tab quickly and/or manage the existing tab;
  • search for an object within the tree.


Using context menus - Database context menu