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Visual Database Designer

CheckBox Automatically open last diagram file

With this option enabled the designer is opened with the last diagram edited.


Visual settings

Model notation

When you work in Visual Database Designer, you can choose one of the following modeling notations:

  • Integration DEFinition for Information Modeling (IDEF1X);
  • Information Engineering (IE).


The IDEF1X and IE notations use different symbols to represent relationships between entities (and tables).


CheckBox Draw PRIMARY KEY fields separately

Separates Primary key fields from other fields with a horizontal line.


CheckBox Draw entities icons

Displays icons at the left of each entity header according to its type.


CheckBox Draw attributes icons

Displays icons at the left of each attribute according to its type (Primary key, Foreign key, ordinary field).


CheckBox Draw only names of entities

Enables highlight for entity names only.


CheckBox Draw FOREIGN KEY name

Enables highlight for Foreign key fields.


Environment Options - Tools - VDBD



Grid options

CheckBox Show grid

Displays dots in the diagram area to make the grid visible.


CheckBox Snap to grid

Automatically aligns entities on the form with the nearest grid line. You cannot place an entity in between grid lines.


Grid size

Sets grid spacing in pixels along the x- and y-axes. Specify a higher number to increase grid spacing.


Style & Color

Additionally, you can set color for all VDBD diagram objects using the Style and Color section.


This section allows you to customize the default appearance of the diagram.


Select a diagram element from the list:




Environment Options - Tools - VDBD - Color Palette - Work area


Selected item


Environment Options - Tools - VDBD - Color Palette - Selection




Environment Options - Tools - VDBD - Color Palette - Entity






Environment Options - Tools - VDBD - Color Palette - Selected attribute text