Online Documentation for DB Extract for Oracle

Common Options section

Section [#Options#] represents the options corresponding to those specified on Step 3 of Wizard application.


The configuration parameters are listed below.



0 = Extract both structure and data

1 = Extract metadata only

2 = Extract data only



0 = Extract selected types of objects only

1 = Extract all objects


ExtractMetadataFrom (applicable if ExtractAllMetaObjects = 0)

The value of this option is a list of zero ("0") and one ("1") values

Each value corresponds to a certain object type in the order they are listed on Step 3:Array types, Clusters, Consumer groups, Contexts, Database and schema Triggers, Database links, Dimensions, Directories, Functions, Indexes, Index types, Java sources, Libraries, Materialized view logs, Materialized views, Object type bodies, Object types, Operators, Package bodies, Packages, Procedures, Profiles, Redo log groups, Resource plans, Roles, Rollback segments, Sequences, Synonyms, Tables, Tablespaces, Triggers, Users, Views




0 = Extract selected data tables

1 = Extract all data tables



The following two options correspond to the last step of the GUI application.



0 = Do not abort script execution if an error occurs during execution

1 = Abort script execution on error



0 = Do not add comments to the result script

1 = Allow adding comments to the result script