Online Documentation for DB Extract for Oracle

Step 10 - Start of extraction process

This step is aimed at informing you that all the extraction parameters are set, and you can now start the extraction process.


Script options


CheckBox Abort extraction on error

This option determines whether the extraction process should be stopped or forced to continue if an error occurs.


CheckBox Show comments in script

Set this option to allow adding comments on the extraction process to the result SQL script.


If all necessary DB Extract settings are specified correctly, press the Extract button to start the process. If you want to change something, you can return to any of the wizard steps using the Back button.


hs2122 - Step10 - Start of extraction process



Please do not forget to save the extraction options if you intend to repeat the extraction process with the same or similar settings later.


While the extraction process you can use the Send to background button to reduce the priority of the extraction operation, the Cancel button to interrupt the process and the Minimize button to to minimize the utility window.