EMS Data Import for Oracle is a powerful tool to import your data quickly from MS Excel 97-2007, MS Access, DBF, XML, TXT, CSV, MS Word 2007, ODF and HTML files to Oracle tables. It provides adjustable import parameters, including source data formats for all the fields and destination data formats for the selected fields, commit options, number of records to skip, etc. Data Import for Oracle includes a wizard, which allows you to set all the import options for different files visually, and a command-line utility to execute import in one-touch.

First of all you must have an opportunity to connect to some local or remote Oracle server. Besides you need your computer to satisfy the system requirements of EMS Data Import for Oracle.

This is a limitation of the trial version which imports only 20% of all records. With a registered version all the records are processed.

You can configure the template files visually using the Data Import Wizard. Set the required data import options on Step 3 of the wizard and click Tools->Save Template. All the options will be saved to the template file which can be used by the console application.

EMS Data Import for Oracle includes some additional features, which are not available in SQL Manager for Oracle such as:
  • import data to several tables at once;
  • import data to tables selected from different databases on one host;
  • command line utility to import data using the configuration file with all import options