Online Documentation for Data Import for Oracle

Step 10 - Defining scripts 

This step of the wizard allows you to define scripts to be executed before and after import process for each database.


Select a database to define the script for. Type the text of the script to be executed before the import operation in the Before Import Script area, the script to be executed after the import operation in the After Import Script area.

Select another database and add scripts for it, if necessary. By default, the After Import Script is not executed if import fails. If you need to execute it anyway, use the Execute after import script on import fail option at Step 11.


You can also save and load Before Import and After Import scripts using the corresponding Save... and Load... buttons.


Step 9



CheckBox Skip this step

Check this option to skip the current step in the future. To edit the list of skipped steps, use the Skipped Steps group available in the General section of the Preferences dialog.


When you are done, press the Next button to proceed to the last step.