Online Documentation for Data Generator for Oracle

Using console application

All the generation options are set in template (*.gtm) files. A template can be also used in the Console version of Data Generator for Oracle .


To create a template file, follow the instructions below:


The easiest way to start Data Generator for Oracle console application is to double-click the generated *.gtm template file. The other way is to enter the command line and type the appropriate command.



<path to Data Generator for Oracle console application>\OraDataGenC.exe TemplateFile [-L] [-B]



Stands for the *.gtm template file to be used as the console version execution parameter



Applies the current localization selected in Wizard Application (GUI)



Use this parameter in the command line to run the console version of Data Generator for Oracle in background mode




"C:\Program Files\EMS\Data Generator for Oracle\OraDataGenC.exe" "C:\EMS\Templates\DataGenerator\Example.gtm" -L


Note: The following exit codes can be returned by Data Generator for Oracle to the operating system after performing the latest task:

0 - successful completion;

1 - error(s) occurred during task performing;

2 - fatal error occurred. The task was not performed.