Online Documentation for Data Comparer for Oracle

Selecting schemas for refreshing

Before you proceed to the Setting tables and fields correspondence step of the wizard, you are offered to specify the schemas to be refreshed using the Select schemas for refreshing... dialog.


Hint: For your convenience the context menu is available in both the Source schemas and Target schemas lists. Using the context menu you can iconCheckAll Check all, iconUncheckAll Uncheck all and iconInvertSelection Invert items selection in the lists.


Step 1 - Selecting schemas for refreshing


CheckBox Refresh all schemas and don't show this window in the future

Set this option to specify all of your Oracle schemas for refreshing and skip this dialog in the future sessions of the wizard.


Note: To activate/deactivate this dialog, use the Show select schemas window option in the General section of the Preferences dialog.



When you are done, press OK to proceed to Step 2 of the wizard.