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Keyboard templates

The Keyboard Templates window allows you to create new keyboard templates for quicker typing regularly used expressions and to edit the existing ones.


Keyboard Templates


To open this window, select the Options | Keyboard Templates... main menu item, or use the btnKeyboardTemplates Keyboard Templates button on the main toolbar.


To add a new keyboard template, click the Add Template... button, set the template name and define the template expression. In the upper right area of the window you can change the case of the template expression.


You can deactivate an existing template by selecting it from the list on the left and removing the Active flag of the template.


If necessary, you can also edit the template name using the Edit Template... button, delete the template using the Delete Template button or edit the template expression within the Expansion area of the window. For faster editing you can use the Cursor Position, Author, Time, Date buttons.


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