Online Documentation for SQL Query for MySQL


Editor options

CheckBox Auto indent

If this option is checked, each new indention is the same as in the previous line in SQL Editor.

Indents and outdents are used in the process of text editing to make the source code easier to read.


CheckBox Insert mode

If this option is checked, the insert symbols mode is on by default.


CheckBox Use syntax highlight

Enables syntax highlight in the editor area.


CheckBox Find text at cursor

If this option is checked, the Text to find field in the Find Text and the Replace Text dialog windows is automatically filled with the text the cursor is set over.


CheckBox Show line numbers

If this option is checked, the line numbers are displayed in the SQL editor area.


CheckBox Use folding

Check this option to enable code folding feature of SQL Editor.


CheckBox Use smart caret

If this option is checked, the tab length is variable. After pressing the Tab key the cursor aligns with the nearest first (or last) position of the neighboring line.


hs4121 - Editor options - General


Tab stops

Defines the tab length used when editing SQL text.


Undo limit

Defines the maximum number of changes that can be undone.