Online Documentation for SQL Manager for MySQL

Executing procedure/function

Procedure Editor / Function Editor provide an ability to execute procedures and functions. Click the btnExecuteQuery Execute item of the Navigation bar or use the corresponding toolbar button to execute the procedure/function.


If the procedure has input parameters, SQL Manager allows you to specify the values for these parameters in the Input Parameters dialog which appears just before execution.


The result of the successfully executed procedure/function, as well as the error message in case of execution failure, appears in the message panel at the bottom of the Procedure Editor / Function Editor window.

Note: If the procedure is supposed to return a dataset, the dataset will be displayed within the Results tab.


Procedure Editor - Executing procedure



Note: If any unsaved changes are applied to the stored procedure/function being currently edited, the execution of the procedure/function is impossible unless changes are saved through the Compile procedure / Compile function item of the Navigation bar.