Online Documentation for SQL Manager for MySQL

Creating/Editing Tablespace

Use the Edit tab to view/edit basic parameters of a tablespace.


TablespacesEditor - EditingTSdefinition



Displays object name. Can be modified until object is created.


Log file group

Use the drop-down list to select an existing log file group.


Extent size

Define size of tablespace files. The default value is 1Mb. Minimum size allowed - 32Kb.


Data files

Use this area to specify tablespace data files.



Context menu allows you to:

  • create New log file;
  • Edit selected log file;
  • Drop log file;
  • Export List of objects to an external file.


If you choose the New... popup menu item the following dialog for setting data file options appears.


LogFileGroupsEditor - Add new file


Here you are to provide file name and file initial size (default value is 128Mb).