Online Documentation for SQL Manager for MySQL

Creating/Editing log file group

Use the Edit tab of Log file group Editor to create/edit a log file group and specify its definition.


LogFileGroupsEditor - EditingLFGdefinition



Field displays name of the object. Value can't be modified in edit mode.


Undo buffer size


Undo files

Define the undo files in the bottom area. You can set specific initial size, default - 128mb, or '0' - value will be linked with the Undo buffer size one.


Context menu allows you to:

  • create New undo file;
  • Edit selected undo file;
  • Drop undo file;
  • Export List of objects to an external file.


If you choose the New... popup menu item the following dialog for setting undo file options appears.


LogFileGroupsEditor - Add new file


Here you are to provide file name and file initial size (default value is 128Mb).