Online Documentation for SQL Manager for MySQL


CheckBox Show splash screen at startup

Displays the splash screen of SQL Manager for MySQL at the application startup.


CheckBox Restore desktop on connect

This option determines whether the previously opened windows and their positions should be restored upon connection to the database.


CheckBox Do not restore if 'Refresh objects on connection' database registration option is off

The previously opened windows and their positions are not restored for the databases having  'Refresh objects on connection' off at the Database Registration Info.


CheckBox Disable multiple instances

Checking this option prevents one from running multiple instances of SQL Manager for MySQL.


CheckBox Show desktop panel (for MDI Environment style only)

Displays Desktop Panel when no child windows are open.


CheckBox Show Full Version features

This option is available in the Lite version of SQL Manager. When selected, a 30-day period of fully-functional usage is activated.


Environment Options - Preferences



Hint: The Reset to defaults button which is common for all sections of the Environment Options dialog allows you to discard all changes and restore the settings to their defaults.