Online Documentation for SQL Manager for MySQL

Specifying destination file name

Use this step to specify the dump file(s) output options.


Dump database - Specifying destination file name



RadioButton Dump to file

Select this option to export all dumped objects of the selected databases into a single file.


File path

Provide the path to the file for saving the dump script to. Click the btnSaveAs Save button to locate file using the standard dialog or type the file name and it's location manually.


RadioButton Dump to folder

This option indicates that the dump script should be splitted into different files. Each table will be exported into a separate file. All views, procedures and functions are exported to the 'routines.sql' file.


Folder path

Provide the path to the folder where dump script files will be stored. Click the ExplorerButton Browse button to locate the folder using the standard dialog or type the folder path manually.



If necessary, use the drop-down list to select the character set for the file with exported data.


CheckBox XML format

If this option is checked then the result dump file will be saved in the *.xml file.



Click the Next button to proceed to the Setting dump options step of the wizard.