Online Documentation for Data Comparer for MySQL

Step 4 - Specifying data synchronization options

At this step you can specify advanced data synchronization parameters.


Table synchronization options

These options define the direction of synchronization: from the source to the target or vice versa.


CheckBox Synchronize in new table

Check this option to create a new table with the synchronization applied. In this case the name of the new table will be composed of the name of the source table and the user-defined postfix (_sync by default).


CheckBox Insert additional records

Set this option to insert additional records to the destination tables.


CheckBox Delete missing records

Set this option to delete missing records from the destination tables.


CheckBox Update different records

Set this option to correct different records during the synchronization process.


CheckBox Drop and create indexes

This option forces dropping and subsequent creation of indexes by using corresponding SQL statements in the target script. This option increases synchronization speed.

Note: Turn off the Synchronize in new table option to enable this option.


CheckBox Disable foreign keys

By setting this option you can disable foreign keys to avoid undesirable effects during data synchronization.

Note: Turn off the Synchronize in new table option to enable this option.


CheckBox Fast synchronisation (on server side)

With this option enabled, data is transfered in "INSERT INTO ... SELECT FROM ..." statement on the server. If the option is disabled, a separate statements is executed for each record.

Note: The option is valid only when databases are located on the same host.


Step 4 - Specifying data synchronization options


Transaction preferences

RadioButton Commit after synchronization

Use this option to commit transaction only when the entire synchronization process is complete. If an error occurs during synchronization, it will be possible to rollback all the changes made.


RadioButton Commit after ... records

Define the number of records in each block of the synchronization script to be supplemented with the COMMIT statement.



Table synchronization order

RadioButton Using dependencies

If this option enabled, synchronization order will be defined automatically according to table dependencies.


RadioButton Manually

In this case synchronization order must be defined manually at Step 5.



CheckBox View synchronization script

If you select this option you will be able to view/edit the synchronization script at Step 6. Otherwise the next step will be skipped, and you will be forwarded to Step 7 upon pressing the Next button.


When you are done, press the Next button to proceed to the next step.