Online Documentation for SQL Backup for SQL Server

Install server-side components without having permissions for remote installation

If you do not have permissions for a remote installation of server-side components using Install server-side EMS SQL Backup components you can install them locally on the server using the Stand-alone remote components Installer.


In order to perform server-side components installation locally on the server do the following:

  1. copy EMS SQL Backup setup file to the server machine.
  2. launch the EMS SQL Backup setup wizard and choose the Server-side only mode on the third step.
  3. after the EMS SQL Backup Setup wizard is finished the Stand-alone remote components Installer is launched automatically.
  4. follow the steps of the wizard in compliance with Stand-alone remote components Installer topic.


Note: The EMS SQL Backup setup wizard installs EMS SQL Backup Service Installer application (InstallWizard.exe)which allows installing, updating and removing server-side components locally on a server.