Online Documentation for SQL Backup for SQL Server

License Manager

License Manager allows you to view license information of all servers in EMS SQL Backup which have EMS SQL Backup server components installed. Using this tool you can quickly reactivate license keys on all instances.


To launch License Manager select the License Manager item of the Gears menu. The list contains all currently connected servers. To view license information of all servers registered in the Administration Console, click the Show All button.


License Manager


License Manager includes the following registration information for every server:

  • Instance name
  • License key (License type)
  • Customer name
  • Maintenance end date


Before reactivating license information in the EMS SQL Backup Console you need to proceed to the Members Area and renew maintenance for this license key.

To reactivate automatically all licenses on all instances click the Reactivate All button. License reactivation is performed online. To set connection parameters proceed to the Proxy tab of the Options dialog.

To reactivate license key on a single instance click the Reactivate button located on the right side of the section with a corresponding server information.

If the license key was successfully reactivated you will see a message informing you about time it was reactivated. Otherwise, you will see an error message describing the occurred problem.


You can launch License activation wizard or License deactivation wizard for the particular server directly from the License Manager dialog by clicking the Activate/Deactivate button correspondingly.