Online Documentation for SQL Manager for SQL server

Specifying update statistics options

Use this step of the wizard to set options for each table/view.


The main area lists all tables and views selected at the previous step.


The Option column allows you to specify one of the available options to be applied to the selected object: ALL, COLUMNS, INDEX.


Statistics Update - Specifying update statistics options





This group allows you to set update statistics options for tables.


RadioButton Fullscan

Use this option to specify that all table rows should be read to gather the statistics. This option provides the same behavior as SAMPLE 100 PERCENT.


RadioButton Sample

This option allows you to specify the percentage of the table, or the number of rows to sample when collecting statistics for each table. When 0 PERCENT or ROWS is specified, the result is an empty statistics set.


RadioButton Resample

Select this option to specify that statistics will be gathered using an inherited sampling ratio for all existing statistics including indexes. If the sampling ratio creates too few rows being sampled, the Database Engine automatically corrects the sampling based on the number of existing rows in the table.


CheckBox No recompute

This option specifies that automatic recomputation of the statistics that become out of date will be disabled.



Click the Next button to proceed to the Selecting indexes step of the wizard.