Online Documentation for SQL Manager for SQL server


Set correspondence between the source text file columns and the target SQL Server table columns:

  • select a column of the target SQL Server table in the Columns list;
  • double-click in the text viewer area to add vertical separators delimiting the source column bounds;
  • click the area between the separators to assign the column to the selected target table column - the selected source column gets black highlight;
  • repeat the operation for all the columns you need to be included in the import process.


If necessary, you can choose to skip a defined number of the source file lines using the Skip Lines spinner control (e.g. if you need to exclude column headers from the imported data range).


Import Data - Setting fields correspondence - TXT



To clear all correspondences, press the iconCross Clear button.


Note: if you cannot see the content of the source text file properly, you should select the appropriate Charset to be used for processing data.



Click the Next button to proceed to the Adjusting data formats step of the wizard.