Online Documentation for SQL Manager for SQL server

Creating/editing external file format


Specify the name for the new external file format being created.


External file format - Object editor



Select the type for the external file format from the list: PARQUET, ORC, RCFILE or DELIMITEDTEXT.


Data compression

Set the data compression method for external data. If not specified, data will not be compressed.


SerDe method

Specify the SerDe method to be used for RCFiles.



Format options

Set the options for the text format with column delimiters (DELIMITEDTEXT).


Field terminator

Set one or more characters that mark the end of each field in the text-delimited file. The default terminator is the ꞌ|ꞌ character.


String delimiter

Specify the field terminator for string type in the text-delimited file. The default is the empty string "".


Date format

Set custom date and time format for the file.


First row

Specify the row number that is read first in all files during a PolyBase load (1-15).



Set the UTF8 or UTF16 encoding.


CheckBox Use type default

Check this option to use default values in delimited text files if the value is missing.