Online Documentation for SQL Manager for SQL server

Creating/editing message type

Use the Message Type tab of Message Type Editor to create/edit a message type and specify its properties.


Message Type Editor - Editing Message Type




Enter a name for the new message type, or view the name of the message type being edited.



Use the drop-down list to set the owner of the message type to the specified database user or role.



Specifies how Service Broker validates the message body for messages of this type.


RadioButton None

Specifies that no validation is performed. The message body can contain data, or it can be NULL.


RadioButton Empty

Specifies that the message body must be NULL.


RadioButton Well-formed XML

Specifies that the message body must contain well-formed XML.


RadioButton Valid XML with schema

Specifies that the message body must contain XML that complies with a schema in the specified schema collection. Use the drop-down list below to select an existing XML schema collection.



Note: Some properties cannot be modified because of dependent objects. Open the Dependencies tab to browse the list of dependent objects, or view the dependency tree for the message type.